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#NE1to1 Event Grand Prize

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The New England 1:1 Summit organizers are excited to announce an event Grand Prize provided by HUB Technical Services. One #NE1to1 event attendee will win a new HP ElitePad!

Check out the event sponsorship page for more information about HUB Technical

Please join us at the 2014 New England 1:1 Summit for your chance to win.

#NE1to1 Schedule

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The New England 1:1 Summit schedule is now live!

Click on the image below for the schedule


Last Call for Presenters…

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The call for presenters for the 2014 New England 1:1 Summit will be closing on Friday, March 14.

Please submit your information for presenting at the event through this Google Form.

1Presenters will be notified officially during the week of March 17-21 about their sessions.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Dennis Villano
Director of Technology Integration
Burlington Public Schools
Twitter @dvillanojr

#NE1to1 Keynote Speaker: Patrick Larkin

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The BPS EdTech Team and the New England 1:1 Summit organizers are proud to announce that Burlington’s own Patrick Larkin will be this year’s keynote speaker. Patrick led the move to a 1:1 learning environment at Burlington High School as principal and now serves as the Assistant Superintendent for Learning for Burlington Public Schools.1

As we approach the end of our third year as a 1:1 high school and year two as a 1:1 middle school and also near the completion of our device expansion throughout our elementary classrooms, we are excited about the opportunities that having digital resources at the fingertips of all of our students will present. While we continue to highlight the many accomplishments of our staff and students due to the addition of these digital tools, we still have one question that we are asked over and over. In fact, I bet that many others who have made large scale technology purchases have also dealt with this question. How will this initiative improve standardized test scores?

Honestly, we never said it would and it was never one of our goals to do so. Looking back after two and a half years of 1:1, we prefer to focus on some of the authentic learning opportunities that this initiative has afforded our students. These are things that are unquantifiable by any standardized measures. The following is a partial list of some of the things our students have done due to their experiences as students in a school where everyone has digital resources at their fingertips:

  1. Presented at regional conferences
  2. Been highlighted by national educational media outlets EdWeek and Edutopia
  3. Served as consultants for app developers
  4. Consulted with our state’s Commissioner and Secretary of Education
  5. Run their own technology conference
  6. Created viral videos that have been noted by national media outlets
  7. Taught university professors
  8. Assisted with product design
  9. Consulted with districts from all over the country on 1:1
  10. Created a successful blog that has followers from around the globe

The BHS percussion section made the video above and then was asked to Skype with a college music professor to explain how they pulled it all together.

Let’s face it, no one can argue the fact that technology is ubiquitous in the “real world.” Therefore, we are well past the point where we should be arguing about whether or not it is appropriate to provide or allow these tools in our classrooms. As we made the case to create a 1:1 environment at Burlington High School a few years ago, we were clear in our intentions to provide our teachers and students with the most current technological tools to support their learning. Our premise was that if we were going to prepare our students fully for the world outside of our doors then we needed to give them hands-on experience using the tools that they will have access to when they leave us.

According to 21st Century Framework outlined by The National Council of Teachers of English students must  do the following:

“Students in the 21st century should have experience with and develop skills around technological tools used in the classroom and the world around them. Through this they will learn about technology and learn through technology. In addition, they must be able to select the most appropriate tools to address particular needs.”

For me and so many other adults in schools, it is difficult to get away from the rigid prescriptive structure that we experienced as learner and to imagine something vastly different for our students. However, the influx of resources with the addition of web-enabled devices opens up vast possibilities if we let learners lead the way and go deeper in areas that they are most passionate about.

We have seen a number of these authentic learning experiences for students in Burlington over the past few years and I look forward to sharing some of them with you at the New England 1:1 Summit. While I will admit up front that these experiences are not guaranteed to improve standardized test scores, I will guarantee that students who are educated in learning environments where they have greater opportunities to lead their own learning will be better prepared for the rapidly changing world outside of our school doors.  Isn’t that why we do what we do?

Join the conversation with us in Burlington on Saturday, April 12. The conference is free and the takeaways will be priceless!

Patrick Larkin
Assistant Superintendent for Learning
Burlington Public Schools
Twitter @patrickmlarkin

Call for Presenters

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We are seeking dynamic and exciting presentations for the New England 1:1 Summit. Presenting at the #NE1to1 provides a unique experience for connecting with educators and helping to grow your network. Presentations can be about educational technology best practices and examples of engaging student learning with digital technology. We are seeking presentations for all kinds of 1:1 and digital learning environments.

Each session will be one hour in length. Every presentation location at Marshall Simonds Middle School has an installed projector and audio system including presenter microphone. However, you will need to bring your own laptop or presentation device.

Please fill out this form with information about you and your potential presentation.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

New England Student Showcase Comes to the #NE1to1

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The BPS EdTech Team is proud to announce an exciting new addition to this year’s New England 1:1 Summit. On Saturday, April 12th we will host the first ever New England Student Showcase at the Summit. The NESS will feature K-12 student-led presentations across all content areas. Attendees of student showcase sessions will have the opportunity to learn about the types of projects students from 1:1 environments create and how the innovative integration of educational technology is impacting their learning.

NESS (1)We are seeking proposals from schools throughout New England to take part in the NESS.  If you currently teach in a 1:1 classroom (you don’t need to teach in a fully 1:1 school), whether it be 1:1 iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, or BYOD environments, we’d love to highlight the work of your students and give them the opportunity to collaborate with the BPS EdTech team as student presenters. Additionally, if your school has a program similar to the BHS Help Desk, where your students are playing a role in assisting teachers and students with technology integration, please consider submitting a proposal to be presenters.

The NESS is being designed to showcase specific examples of lessons, assessments, and student exemplars which will provide attendees with ideas and inspiration to take back to their own classrooms as more and more schools work towards creating 1:1 environments.

The New England 1:1 Summit was created to focus on tools that can help students learn and grow. In keeping with the focus of the program, the student showcase will not be device specific, rather it will serve as a platform for students all throughout New England to demonstrate and promote the power of a 1:1 classroom.

Call for NESS Presenters: To participate in the NESS, please complete the Google Form which can be found here.

For questions regarding the NESS, please contact Jenn Scheffer, Burlington High School Instructional Technology Specialist at

Free event registration is now open for The New England 1:1 Summit. 

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Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 7.21.53 PM

The event that started it all returns to Burlington this April!

Join us for the New England 1:1 Summit – A FREE event from the BPS EdTech Team

Friday, April 11
1:1 School Visits at elementary, middle, and high school locations

Attendees will learn about the 1:1 iPad program in Burlington Public Schools. The Friday session includes a presentation about 1:1 learning environments and best practices for creating the most beneficial educational technology programs. Attendees will also have the opportunity to tour 1:1 classrooms in session with students. The opportunity to visit a 1:1 classroom in action is a powerful way to see what 1:1 learning looks like especially for those educators who have not yet taught in that environment.

There will be three options for attendees happening at the same time in Burlington – elementary, middle, or high school presentation and classroom visits:

Francis Wyman Elementary School which is 1:1 iPads in grades 1, 4, and 5.
Marshall Simonds Middle School which is fully 1:1 iPads in grades 6, 7, and 8.
Burlington High School which is currently an Apple Distinguished 1:1 iPad School for grades 9-12.

Saturday, April 12
The New England 1:1 Summit at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington

Join educators from around New England and beyond for the 2014 New England 1:1 Summit. The New England 1:1 Summit was first held in Burlington by the Burlington Public Schools EdTech Team in 2012. The 2012 event was the first educational technology event focused entirely on 1:1 learning environments held in New England. The event had over 450 participants and featured presentations from educators, administrators, and IT professionals.

The event returns to Burlington this April and will again feature presentations and hands-on learning about technology in the classroom. While the focus is on 1:1 learning, the event is not device specific. Sessions will include discussions about iPads, Chromebooks, PC and Mac laptops, as well as educational applications that help our students succeed and grow.

The event is FREE and even includes lunch and prizes!

Eventbrite - The New England 1:1 Summit